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Gentle John’s Moving & Storage is ready to help you solve your emergency moving needs problems. Whether you are dealing with a fire, flood or other household damaging emergency, our skilled emergency movers in Portland can handle it. We work hard to be able to accommodate within 24 hours. Whether you are dealing with an eviction or lock-out, a fire pack-out, a flood pack-out or something similar, our Portland same-day movers can take the stress out of your next emergency move.


Fire or Flood Pack-outs

Our Portland movers have experience dealing with fire pack-out and flood pack-outs throughout the Southern California area. We are a top-rated emergency pack-out company and work with some of the best restoration partners to make sure your move is handled. We will take on the responsibility of ensuring your belongings are out of harms way and placed into short-term or long-term storage. Our last-minute movers in Portland know that timing is of the essence, so you can expect quick response rates and efficient service throughout your emergency moving process.


When we pack up your belongings, we will take a detailed inventory to make sure we have everything accounted for before placing them in storage. We keep your items packed while in storage so that the redelivery process is a breeze. Pack-outs require serious attention to detail and dedication, so we ensure our Portland full-service movers are prepared for the complications and complexities that could occur. We strive to make sure you are taken care of and your move is accomplished the right way.


Evictions and Lock Outs

An eviction or a lockout is never an enjoyable experience. Our eviction movers know that with all the different parties involved, things can get confusing and awkward fast. For this reason, we offer a variety of inventory and storage options to accommodate everyone involved. Regardless of whether you have been evicted or need to evict someone, our emergency movers in Portland are here to help. We offer specialized emergency moving services for residential evictions and commercial lock-outs. Our skilled professionals will work with homeowners, tenants, legal representatives and bank representatives when necessary to ensure that the right services are completed. We aim to eliminate some of the confusion from the process, not add to it.


Leave the details to us. We can work with the proper parties to recover the property, transfer storage into their name, or transport or deliver their belongings. We offer the owner of the items in our storage the opportunity to access their belongings during our business hours in case there are specific items they need to use prior to relocating to a new home. We treat their belongings as we would any of our non-emergency customers, with respect and attention to detail. We work hard to make the eviction process as painless as possible.


No matter what emergency moving services you may need, Gentle John’s Moving & Storage will ensure that the process is as simple and stress-free as possible. Our goal is to eliminate confusion and complexities from your emergency moving situation and we’ll work hard to create an efficient pack-out or eviction process for our clients. We put our customers first, so you can expect only the best from our Portland same-day movers and emergency moving crews. Don’t wait to experience a stress-free move. Call us today for a free, no obligation moving quote.


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