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Insurance & Policy Forms

The last thing you want to worry about when gearing up for a move is what could go wrong, but it’s important that you protect yourself in case something does. We’ve been in the moving business a long time and have heard tons of horror stories involving moving scams and customers who didn’t have the proper moving insurance. Our Portland movers are here to help you understand the importance for you and your family to prepare for what could go wrong on your next move.


Whether an item is lost, damaged, or stolen, you should be protected. While you’ll never experience those things with our Portland full-service movers, we know that you could experience it with another moving company. We care about our customers as well as our neighbors. That’s why we have put together a little background information regarding the proper policy forms, contracts, and moving insurance options that you and your family should read up on before hiring and scheduling your move.


Bill of Lading

You will receive a Bill of Lading from your moving company that serves as the official contract between you and your movers. It goes over the rates, waiver, and release policies that you will receive and need to sign on moving day. This document runs through everything that the movers will need authorize before they start the job.


Order for Service

These usually come via email nowadays, but you’ll typically receive your order for service with your Bill of Lading. This document serves as a receipt of the moving services that you will receive from your movers. It outlines the moving company’s policies on filing claims, moving estimates, changing or rescheduling your move, arbitration, and any other official details. You want to hold on to your order for service in case there are any discrepancies in documentation.



The Department of Transportation requires all moving companies to make their rates public and ensure there is a tariff along with it. This tariff should lay out the prices, services you are being provided, and the specific conditions under which they will be executed.


Insurance Options

A lot of people assume that full coverage insurance is the standard option that movers offer for every move. That’s where you can really be in dangerous waters. Moving companies are only required by the Department of Transportation to cover up to $0.60 per pound for each of your items. The additional cost is on you. Some movers do offer full coverage from their designated moving insurance partners, but others may not have that option. You can see if your homeowner’s insurance offers full coverage, or you can call up a third-party insurance provider who will be able to cover your move. This is when it is important to understand the options available to you. Learn more about the variety of insurance options available to you here.


If you have more questions about moving insurance or our company policies, give our movers a call. At Gentle John’s Moving & Storage, our team is here to make your move as easy as possible. Make your next move a breeze with our team.