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Moving Insurance Options

It doesn’t matter what moving company you hire, you are still trusting others to care for your belongings. Even the most careful and attentive moving companies can experience a moving disaster; and unfortunately, in the industry, it happens more than one would think. Our trusted and experienced Portland full-service movers at Gentle John’s Moving & Storage do their best to help you avoid a moving fail. We also want you to be informed about the insurance that is available for you to utilize.


The Department of Transportation requires that every moving company is licensed and insured, so when your moving company tells you that, it is the truth. But what kind of insurance are they required to have? This is where you could be in hot water. The standard requirement for moving companies to offer at no additional charge is a $.60 per pound liability rate. You should be careful about considering it full value replacement insurance, because it most certainly is not.


Here are some of the most common insurance coverage options that you can use for your upcoming move. The best thing to do before making a decision is to call your movers to ask about the different insurance options they offer, and whether or not they offer a full coverage insurance option.


Homeowner’s Insurance

One little known fact about moving insurance is that it can sometimes be offered through your existing homeowners or renters insurance policy. Give you insurance carrier a call and ask them if they cover your upcoming move. There may be a small fee of up to $100 to get this moving insurance set up, but it will most definitely pay off if something is lost or damaged and your items are fully covered. Just remember to give your insurance carrier a call with plenty of time before your move, as it does take several days for the coverage to go into effect.


Standard Movers Insurance Per Pound Valuation

As mentioned earlier, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration requires that moving companies offer a $0.60 per pound insurance coverage plan at no additional charge. This means that for your next move, your belongings are automatically covered up to that amount. It’s important to remember that the value of your items does not play into the settlement amount if it is lost or damaged. It’s based on weight. That’s why many people opt to get full coverage to take the value of the items into account.


Full Coverage

Moving companies typically work with a select third part insurance carrier who offers full coverage protection. But pay attention to the fine print- each third-party insurance company has their own rules and regulations that they have to follow. If you’d prefer to find your own third-party moving insurance provider, you definitely can, but you’ll need to coordinate between them and your moving company. Make sure you call a couple providers to see who has the best options for your needs. And don’t wait until the last minute- many policies need a couple days to take effect.


Regardless of what insurance option you choose, make sure you read the details and policies for what is included. Gentle John’s Moving & Storage Portland movers work hard to avoid any moving disasters when we service our customers, but just in case something does go wrong, it’s important to be prepared.