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Moving to a New House – Helpful Moving Tips

Gentle John’s Moving & Storage, a reputable Orange County moving company, has over two decades of experience helping families move to and from Orange County, California. We offer an all-encompassing range of full-service moving and packing options and can execute any type of move you need. After moving more than 110,000 families, our Orange County local movers have picked up plenty of valuable moving tips and tricks. Check out our top ten moving tips – some of them might be surprising!

1. Take Measurements

Before you start packing, and weeks before your moving date, take measurements of your new home. Measure the rooms and kitchen area if you are moving the kitchen appliances you already own. When you back to your current place, take measurements of your furniture. Take note of all the measurements and figure out which of your furniture will fit into your new place. Get rid of anything that will be too big or even too small.

2. Make Your Address Change Official

A couple of weeks before our Orange County movers show up at your door step, you should notify interested parties about your upcoming move. Go to your local post office and fill out the change-of-address form. Send your new address to any subscription services you’ve signed up for. Your utility providers should also be informed. Don’t forget your friends and neighbors! Throwing a going away party will give you an opportunity to say your goodbyes.

3. Buy Packing Boxes in Various Sizes

To ensure none of your boxes end up being too heavy, avoid purchasing a bunch of packing boxes in the same size. Each box should not exceed 50 pounds. Overweight boxes become unwieldy and can cause you or your professional movers to get injured. Instead, fill large packing boxes with lighter items like clothes and bedding. Pack smaller boxes with heavier items like appliances and dishware. For each box, make sure to place heavier items onto the bottom, then lighter things on top.

4. Use Recycled Boxes

Are you trying to save money on boxes? Go to your local bookstore, grocery, or liquor store and ask for used boxes. Boxes that transported heavy items like books, alcohol bottles, and heavy fruit are likely sturdy enough for many of your household belongings.

5. Write Detailed Labels on Boxes

Be sure label every one of your boxes. Labels should include the room the items belong in and a brief list of the contents found inside. An unexpected hack: use color coded tape to label specific room designations. Be sure to write these labels with permeant marker onto the sides of boxes, not the top, so that you can still read them when the boxes are stacked together.

6. Cut Handles into Boxes

Before you start packing, use a boxcutter to cut upside down triangles out of the sides of some of your boxes. These cut outs will serve as handles and will make your boxes easier to carry.

7. Wrap Hanging Clothes with Trash Bags

If you have a lot of clothes hanging in your closet, keep them there and wrap them with trash bags section by section. No folding necessary! If you want to prevent your formal or business clothes from getting wrinkled, consider using specialized packing supplies like wardrobe boxes.

8. Put Furniture Screws and Hardware into Ziploc Bags

When you are disassembling your furniture before packing it up, put every screw, knob and other hardware into Ziploc bags for safe keeping. Securely tape the bag to the bottom of the furniture piece the hardware came from.

9. Take Pictures of the Back of Electronics

To avoid having to retrieve and look through user manuals once you get to your new place, take pictures of the wiring at the back of your electronics before you start unplugging them. Make sure the pictures clearly show you the specific wiring set up of your television, computer, and other plugged in electronics so that you can easily replicate the arrangements when you plug them in again.

10. Pack An Overnight Bag

Pack a small suitcase or duffle bag with some essentials that you will need the first few days you spend unpacking. Bring a couple changes of clothes, must-have toiletries, and a few snacks. Don’t forget a shower curtain, so you can wash up after a long day of moving!