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1. Have All Necessary Boxes and Moving Supplies on Hand

The importance of this packing tip cannot be stressed enough. There is nothing more stressful than having to stop mid-way through packing to go out and purchase more boxes or other packing materials. What’s worse is that some people that didn’t get enough moving supplies end up overstuffing their boxes which can lead to belongings being damaged. Boxes overfilled with heavy items are also safety hazards, you or your Orange County full-service movers could get injured when loading and unloading.


Avoid all these potential problems by purchasing all the moving supplies you need before you start packing – consider buying a few extra boxes and rolls of tape. At Gentle John’s Moving & Storage, we offer high quality moving and packing supplies. Give us a call an we’ll help you determine your packing needs and deliver the necessary supplies to your door.

2. Declutter and Pare Down Your Things

The less you have to move, the less time and money you’ll have to spend packing and transporting your things. That’s why spending some time before you start packing for your move to declutter your space and get rid of some stuff is a worthwhile investment. Paring down your clutter has the added benefit of reducing your stress levels. Go from room to room and sort your belongings into three categories – keep, sell/donate, and trash. Anything you no longer want or you haven’t used in the past year should be sold, donated, or thrown away.


3. Pack Non-Essentials First

If you are packing by yourself, the process may take a few days. You don’t want to pack something early on, only to open your boxes before moving day because you need to use that thing. That’s why you should follow our packing tips and pack your non-essential items first. Decorative pieces, books, special occasion cooking appliances, and all the other things you rarely use should be packed up first. Leave the things you frequently use out of boxes until moving day or at least the day before.


4. Go Room by Room

Once your moving date is close by, you’ll have to properly start your packing process. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, you’ll need a game plan. Instead of tackling your home at random or packing by category, our Orange County full-service movers recommend packing one room at a time. Keeping your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen items relatively separate instead of all mixed up makes unpacking significantly easier.  While you are packing up one room, that’s when you can sort your boxes by category. We recommend packing the kitchen last – it’ll be loaded onto the truck last and therefore loaded off first once you get to your new home.


5. Label Your Boxes

This incredibly simple packing tip is arguably one of the most important steps of the packing process. It might be tempting to stuff your things into boxes, load them into the truck, and not have to spare a thought on what’s inside until you start unpacking. But this can lead to a lot more stress once you arrive at your new place – you won’t have a clue what items are in which boxes and which boxes go to which rooms. Avoid the headache by labeling your boxes as you are packing them. Be detailed and concise. Use a thick black marker to write a brief inventory and the designated room – Kitchen # 1: Plastic Containers & Utensils.


When you work with Gentle John’s Moving & Storage, our Orange County full-service company, you can obtain high quality moving and packing supplies form our well-stocked inventory. You can also take advantage of our professional packing services. Learn more about the moving services we offer by contacting us today for a free no obligation moving quote.