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DIY Packing Materials Around the House – Cost-Effective Packaging Ideas

When it comes to moving, many people forget to seriously consider the cost of buying boxes and other packing supplies. They are then surprised by how much they ended up spending on packing materials. The good news? There are a bunch of alternative packing supplies you already own. You may be surprised by the things around your home you can use to securely pack up your belongings. Our Portland residential movers offer some cost-effective packaging ideas below!


Instead of buying brand new packing paper to wrap your items in, use old newspapers. You can also you’re your neighbors for newspapers they will no longer read. There is one caveat – be careful of the ink. Don’t use newspaper to wrap items made of fabric or you run the risk of ink permanently staining your stuff.

Clothes & Linens ­

Instead of bubble wrap, use your clothes and bedding for extra layers of protection. Wrap small décor accessories and appliances in shirts, dresses, and pillow cases. Wrap larger items with blankets, bed sheets, and towels. And a little-known trick? Place delicate glassware, particularly wine and champagne glasses, into individual thick socks to prevent any breakage.


If you look around your house, you’ll find a lot of containers you already own; containers you can use instead of packing boxes to store your belongings. Suitcases are some of the most convenient options. They are sturdy and made to withstand the harsh conditions of long-distance travel. So, bring out all your suitcases and start packing!