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Moving into a new apartment presents a few differences and unique challenges when compared to moving into a new full-sized house. Smaller spaces, building managers, and apartment regulations are some things you must account for when moving into an apartment unit. Our Portland Oregon movers explain some do’s and don’ts of apartment moving.


Do Know the Layout of Your New Apartment

Taking measurements of your new space is important whenever you are moving into a new home, regardless of the type of residence it is. However, due to the smaller space available in your apartment, familiarizing yourself with its layout is crucial. Measure not only the doorways, but also the dimensions of each room. That way you’ll know what furniture will or will not fit into your new place.


Don’t Procrastinate Packing

To avoid more stress and headaches as your moving date approaches, start packing early. Preferably, you don’t want to deal with last minute packing. Instead, begin your packing way in advance of moving day and pack non-essentials and rarely-used items first. The most stress-free option is to take advantage of the packing services our full-service Portland movers offer our clients. We’ll pack up your belongings using only high-quality mocking supplies on moving day.


Do Know the Rules

Do your building manager or landlord require your Portland moving company to have a certificate of insurance to operate in your apartment building? Do your Portland movers have to use a freight elevator or pay elevator deposit fees? Is there is a limited time frame you can move into your new apartment? What are the rules and regulations concerning hoists to move furniture up multiple stories?


Answer these questions by looking over your lease and speaking with your building manager or landlord. Be sure to understand and inform your movers of these regulations before they arrive on moving day. We’re here to help you have a stress-free experience when you’re moving in Portland Oregon.


At Gentle John’s Moving & Storage, our Portland movers offer a wide range of residential moving services. To find out how we can help you move into your new apartment, call us today!